An Introduction to Becoming a Maintenance Specialist

Durham and Siler City, NC

Powering Precision and Production Performance

Becoming a Maintenance Specialist/Technician at Wolfspeed involves mastering the upkeep and optimization of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. You’ll play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of production processes through proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Career Spotlight

Learn about the Technician’s role, the path to becoming one, and how to join the Wolfspeed team through the experiences below.
Career Exploration: Technician
10 Minutes

Explore the Technician role at Wolfspeed to uncover its responsibilities, daily tasks, required skills, qualifications, and the working environment.

Learn what it takes to become a Technician at Wolfspeed and find out about the opportunities to advance your career once you're part of the team.

Discover how a career at Wolfspeed means joining a community where you can step into the future and contribute to advancing semiconductor technology.

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Durham and Siler City, NC
Durham and Siler City, NC
Durham and Siler City, NC
Durham and Siler City, NC

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