Sandhills Community College
Hoke and Moore Counties

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Sandhills Community College (SCC) is part of the AdvanceNC Consortium, established to support workforce education and training needs for business and industry in central North Carolina. Sandhills Community College’s mission is to provide the highest quality educational opportunities to all we serve. Our institution supports the efforts of AdvanceNC in creating a skilled workforce and is committed to collaborating with our partner institutions and other entities in this endeavor.

SCC is dedicated to bridging the gap between education and employment opportunities in central North Carolina. Through collaborative efforts with AdvanceNC and partner institutions, SCC offers specialized programs in advanced manufacturing and NC Edge Customized Training. By fostering strong connections with local businesses and industries, SCC ensures that our community members are prepared to enter and thrive in rewarding career paths, contributing to regional economic growth and prosperity.

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Offering hands-on training and certifications to prepare students for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Providing customized training and development solutions to support manufacturing businesses.

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