Mid Council Regional Council
Cumberland, harnett, and moore Counties

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The Mid-Carolina Workforce Development Board (MCWDB) was established in July 2022 through a strategic partnership between leaders from Moore, Cumberland, Harnett, Sampson, and Montgomery counties. The purpose of the MCWDB is to provide policy, planning, and oversight for local workforce development programs and address workforce issues identified by the communities it represents.

MCWDB is also responsible for designing a service delivery system that meets the needs of local businesses seeking qualified applicants by providing training scholarships to eligible individuals and essential employment services and referrals to those who are not. Collaborating with AdvanceNC will streamline communications, information, and access for employers and job seekers in the respective counties and surrounding communities.

Student Resources

Offering hands-on training and certifications to prepare students for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Providing customized training and development solutions to support manufacturing businesses.

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